Combustible gas detectors

Our wide range of combustible/flammable gas detectors comprises both infrared and catalytic sensor technology. Standard point, extended point, and open path detectors covers all relevant applications. Ultrasonic gas leak detection adds an important supplement.

Toxic gas detectors

Simtronics range of gas detectors for toxic gases is widely used for both open area protection and in sampling systems. Contact us if you have specific challenges, and let our system engineers design a solution, or just point you in the right direction.

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Flame detectors

Fire detection has developed over the years, and our present generation of intelligent, self testing detectors are among the fastest and most reliable detectors on the market. Our MultiFlame DF-TV7-T Multi-spectrum Flame Detector  is first in the market to obtain SIL 3 certification. 


Systems and controllers 

Connecting an array of detectors, and bringing the data into the control room in a safe, efficient way, is a task of its own. Industry standards let you interface our systems with third party products.





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