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The MultiXplo DM-TX6 intelligent catalytic sensor based flammable gas detector used to detect a wide range of gases, including hydrogen (H2). The device has been designed for ease of installation, operation and maintenance in testing environments.

The DM-TX6 uses a computer matched pair of poison resistant pellistor beads to provide reliable flammable gas detection performance in harsh environments, provided oxygen is present. 

The intelligent, microprocessor driven unit is fully configurable using a wireless handheld terminal (TLU] giving true flexibility to the installer. Parameters such as relay operation and alarm levels are all set via the TLU, hazardous area approved handheld unit.  In addition, the sensor element is protected by the onboard electronics to prevent exposure to over-range LEL gas concentrations. This helps reduce ongoing maintenance and service costs.

The device offers a wide range of output options as standard and is suitable for use in SIL 2 appLications. The unit may be interfaced directly with a wide range of panels, controllers and PLC·s etc. 


Type Gas detector
Product Simtronics MultiXplo
Product code DM-TX6
Manufacturer Simtronics
Type Point Catalytic Gas Detector
Technology Low temperature oxidation process, Oxycol™
Detected gases Combustible gases, including Hydrogen (H2)
Calibrated range 0 – 100 %LEL
Accuracy ±5% of calibrated range
Repeatibility ±1%
Stability ±3% (zero point)
Response time T90 < 10 sec (Methane)
Calibration interval 3 months
Sensor life Better than 5 years
Sensor protection Over range protection
Power supply 24V DC, range (18 - 32V DC)
Power consumption 65 mA normal
Cable entry 2x M20, one entry with Exd plug
Junction box “No-touch” field cabling”, detector replaceable without opening cable glands
Connection 0.3 mm2 (22 AWG) - 1.5 mm2 (16 AWG), 3 or 4 wires
Analogue output signal 0-20mA, source, max. load impedance 700Ω.
Fault signalling Diagnosis signalling in the 2.0 - 3.4mA range
Relays 2 configurable relays for alarm and fault
Maintenance interface Wireless (IR) handheld terminal for configuration, test and diagnosis
Storage -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Operation -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Humidity 95% RH (non-condensing)
Ingress IP66
RFI/EMI Complies with EN50081-1, EN50081-2, EN50082-1 and EN50082-2.
Ex Classification Ex d II C T6
Material Epoxy coated aluminium  or Stainless steel (Specify variant)
Weight Aluminium: 1.8 Kg (4.0 lbs)   Stainless steel: 6.5 Kg (14.3 lbs)
Dimensions 165H  x 118D x 184W (mm),   6.50H x 4.65D x 7.25W (inches)
ATEX Certificate DM LCIE 03 ATEX 6263
IECEx Certificate DM IECEx LCI09.0018
TLU600 Infrared remote control unit
AS008-200 Sunshade
AS005 Calibration cup
AS011-2-X Sample flow housing
AS019 Splash guard


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